Doug is the author of "The World's Longest Christmas Newsletter" (click here to access). He wrote this 160-page, full-color book in 2005 as a publicity stunt paid for by the promotional department of lulu.com. It was mailed to more than 100 friends and relatives.  Other years, he publishes a 16-page mini diary of the family's activities (see gallery of the past ten years).

More recently, Doug self-published a children's book (click here to access) that he had created 40 years earlier for a college course in graphic design and bookbinding. You can access the electronic preview free of charge on blurb.com

Finally, Doug participated in a crowd-sourced book of clever tweets authored by New York Times technology columnist David Pogue. The book, titled "The World According To Twitter," (click here to access) contained 16 of Doug's tweeted submissions, including the examples below.


Change one letter of a familiar title.
"Ballets over Broadway: Woody Allen switches from mobsters to dancers."

Make up a concept for a new TV show... that’s probably doomed.
Extreme Makeover: Gas Station Restroom Edition"

Make up an Internet rumor that sounds real enough to catch on.
USDA has uncovered traces of bird dung in the glue on postage stamps. DO NOT lick 'Forever' stamps!"

Make up an original Tom Swifty. 
“Use the service entrance,” Tom said indecidedly.
 “I can’t put the stereo back together,” Tom said inconsolably.
 “Stand back and give him room to breathe,” Tom said summarily.

Redefine an existing word.
Precursor: A Palm smartphone owner’s finger."

What’s your brilliant idea to improve home appliances?
A dishwasher/kitchen table with attached plates. Push a button after dinner, and they flip inside."

You’ve lived your life this far. What have you learned?
There are 13 symmetrically arranged holes in a saltine cracker. Even an odd number can be beautifully balanced."